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Shop front

I always think it’s best to ask the question.  If you don’t ask the question, you will never know.

And so I asked to look inside the shop that had been standing unused for a few years.  It had been used as a launderette but a decision had been made to divide the space in to two halves – with an end goal of renting the space out as a separate shop.

Yes it needed totally gutting but I just fell in love with it – from the moment I walked in.  It still had a huge dryer in the way which made it feel smaller than it really was – and it was really dark. But I just absolutely loved it.  The walls weren’t at right angles and the floor was uneven, but it just seemed absolutely perfect.

And so I asked the question.  Could I rent it?

The answer that came back after a few weeks was yes.

And that was the start of my journey.