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Frills and Spills

Frillies all came about after a discussion with a good friend about tights.  I know – tights of all things – and how difficult it is to find good pairs of tights.  Yes we don’t have a shoe shop and yet did I really want to sell shoes?.  Yes I like to wear them but selling them?  I wasn’t too sure.

I lost some weight over a period of 12 months and as a result needed some new bras.  I went to a department store to be told that I was still the same bra size.  I just couldn’t believe it?  I knew that my bras didn’t fit me properly at all – they gaped in all the wrong places – but I accepted what I was told and bought some new bras in the same size, thinking that maybe my bras were old and had lost their shape.

But no they looked the same.  And so I decided to go to an independent boutique and get measured.  I was shocked at the outcome.  I measured two band sizes less and two cup sizes larger.  I didn’t believe the lady at first and decided to go somewhere else.  The result was the same.  What’s more, my bra really did fit better.

And then I thought back to myself and how I had started to think about me again.  Strange to say but me as a woman.  Not as a mum or a wife.  But me.  And how I liked to look good – for me.  And that’s when the tights discussion came back again.  We don’t have tights, and neither do we have lingerie.  And that was it!

Women like to look good on the outside but by gum a woman who wears well fitted lingerie can look and feel a million pounds.  Honestly – take it from me!