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So here I am about to start my new venture in life.  I’m opening Frillies – a lingerie, nightwear and swimwear boutique where I live. It’s a daunting thought but I am looking forward to it so much.

In fact I’ll add more to the word daunting – exciting, scary, exhausting, educating, fascinating, mind boggling.  I could go on.

I’ve wanted to open a boutique for many years.  Either that or a B&B next to the sea, but as I don’t live near the sea, then a boutique it is.  I’ve worked for myself before as a massage and reflexology therapist and so I’m used to having my own little business.  But renting a retail outlet is something totally different.

Am I worried?  Yes and no.  More no than yes so that’s good!!

My desire to open a boutique really started to kick in again last year in 2015.  My children were growing up, and talking about how they would leave home to further their studies.  And that’s when I started to think it’s now or never.  I started to go in to other shops and think about what they were selling and where they were situated.

And then purely by chance I happened upon a shop space that had stood empty for a few years.  To me it looked perfect.  And yet others that I have since told have thought that I am totally mad.

Ah well.