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Being the Knicker Lady

Frillies has been open for six weeks now and it has definitely had its ups and downs.  More ups than downs which is good but it has been an amazing learning curve and experience to date.  I’ve met some lovely customers who have come in, unsure of what to expect, had a fitting and then left feeling so much happier with themselves.  It’s been so lovely for me to be able to help people feel better about themselves.  It really has.  And so many ladies are so pleased that they have my boutique on their doorstep.  An easy place to pick up a pair of stockings or a swimsuit in January.  Be able to be fitted professionally and expertly with no need to rush.

We’re all different shapes and size – we all have different hang ups about our bodies.  Women are such funny beings.  We’re never totally happy with how we look – something is always hanging in the wrong place or sticking out too far – or not sticking out enough.

I’ve had such different reactions to Frillies.  Some women have embraced it – thinking it’s wonderful to have a local boutique selling lingerie, swimwear and nightwear.  Some have looked at me as if I’m some Madame in a brothel – expecting me to whip off my clothes at any moment and reveal a bright red pvc crotchless thong. And as for the men!  Blimey – now that has taken me by surprise.  Some men don’t even look in the window.  They walk on past with their head down or looking the other way.

It makes me beg to ask the question – doesn’t your wife wear underwear?  Is it taboo in your household?

I’m a woman wanting to offer something a little different – enabling women to feel good about themselves.  What’s wrong with that? A mad woman who at the age of 50 has decided to put all her inheritance and a lot of her savings in to opening a boutique in her local village.  If I had intended opening a brothel or a sex shop do these people really think I’d have done it on my door step?

And so being the Knicker Lady definitely has its ups and downs.  I feel a bit like the lady in the film Chocolat.  Offering a little spice in to a sleepy market town.  Those ladies (and a few gentlemen) who have been in so far have loved its charm and boudoir feel.  Some of them have literally gasped when they’ve come inside!  One of my suppliers has said that it’s fast becoming her favourite boutique.  And that’s what I am aspiring to.  To making Frillies a destination.

I’m so looking forward to being here in the years ahead and being known as The Knicker Lady.  It makes me smile.  And it makes me proud of what I have done so far.